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Squash bug insects or Anasa tristis are pests known to infest squash and pumpkin plants. It is best to control these pesky pests during their early stages since it is harder to get rid of them when they have already developed into adults. In addition, these bugs may also spread diseases. To protect your plants from having a squash bug infestation, see below the Organic Pest Control Patuxent River MD organic and chemical methods you can use to get rid of them.

Organic Methods for Pest Control

Organic pest control methods refer to a solution used to reduce pest populations without using chemical insecticides. These methods are preferable than chemical methods since they produce less threat to plants, pets, or humans. The following organic methods can be used to battle squash bug population in your garden:

Place Patuxent River MD board traps close to the base of plants. Set up pieces of wood or cardboard at the base of your plants or in areas where you can find organic matter. Every morning, lift the board to check if there are squash bugs lurking underneath. If you have spotted any bugs, pick up the pesky pests and drop them in soapy water to kill them. Pest Control Services Patuxent River MD Make sure to act swiftly as squash bugs can be very quick on their legs and may attempt to escape once you disturb their hiding place.

Spray away eggs, nymphs, and bugs with a bug blaster. When you’re equipped with the right tools, it will be easier to eliminate squash bugs. A bug blaster or a high-pressure spray is one of the best tools you Patuxent River MD can use in getting rid of these pests. Hook the bug blaster in a hose and turn the pressure on. Direct the spray to the affected plants. You can purchase a bug blaster from your local gardening store or online. Choose one that sprays in a direction covering 360°. Spraying with a bug blaster is one of the methods you can use in removing Patuxent River MD pests without damaging your plants.

Handpick squash insects when the population is still low. In cases where you’re facing a minor infestation, try removing the bugs with your hand.

Wear gloves when you handpick the bugs then drop them off in soapy water to kill them.

Use duct tape or a wet knife to remove eggs. The eggs of a squash bug are tiny and are attached Patuxent River MD normally to the underside of leaves by a sticky residue. Most often, removing the eggs could be difficult by a DIY insecticide spray or a bug blaster. Alternately, you can use a duct tape or a wet knife. Wrap a small strip of duct tape around your finger then jab it across the underside of the affected leaves. Make sure to crush the eggs Patuxent River MD to guarantee that the bugs are killed. Additionally, using a wet knife can soften the glue-like residue which keeps the eggs attached to the underside of the leaves.

Sanitize your garden. Take time to remove excess organic matter, debris, or mulch from your garden. These are where squash bugs love to thrive. Therefore, removing these things from your garden will lessen the likelihood of a Patuxent River MD squash bug infestation.

What Insecticides are Best Used for a Squash Bug Infestation?

Adult squash bug, just like many other garden pests, can be tougher to get rid of than you expect. This can result in a severe infestation even when you’ve already implemented non-chemical methods. If you’re already desperate for a more powerful solution, consider trying insecticides. Here are a few things to put in Patuxent River MD mind:

1. What squash insect stage is infesting my garden? It is best to control a squash bug infestation during their early stages when nymphs are yet to emerge or are still developing. Eggs and nymphs are more vulnerable to pest control methods, including the use of a chemical insecticide. Seek for small, bronze-colored eggs in clusters, as well as squash bugs that are green Patuxent River MD in color. If the bugs are easily seen, most likely the infestation is not yet severe; thus, it will be easier to handle.

2. Which is the most effective insecticide to use depending on the severity of infestation? There is a wide range of insecticides to choose from in battling an infestation such as permethrin and bifenthrin. Seek help from a pest control expert to Patuxent River MD know which type of insecticide would give the best results when combating an infestation.

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