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Abram’s Pest Control
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Abram Termite & Pest Control
Abram Termite & Pest Control
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West Termite & Pest Management
West Termite & Pest Management
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Advanced Energy Control INC
Advanced Energy Control INC
Window Tinting, Automotive Repair
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While exterminators and pest control companies have proven themselves as wonderful allies in the fight against unwanted wildlife, many people are opting for more natural methods. By arranging and placing plants in the correct order, you can create your own natural barrier to help ward off garden pests. In addition to pest control, this techniques offers a number of benefits, including added nutrients, shade and climbing spots. If you are Pest Control Near Me Farmington AR interested in learning about organic pest control methods, this article is for you.

Step 1 – Find and purchase larva preying mantis, ladybugs and a variety of other beneficial insects to spread throughout your garden area.

Step 2 – Flowers with early blooming cycles, including sweet alyssum, columbine, and basket of gold will all serve to attract additional beneficial insects, while encouraging a population growth. These insects will not bother you during Farmington AR their stay and will feed off of the harmful insects that you are trying to get rid of. Once these plants begin to fade, bring in batches of yarrow, wine cups and dwarf alpine to continue on with the process. European goldenrod, wild bergamot and sea lavender should be planted at the end of the season.

Step 3 – Lavender will work to repel moths and fleas while attracting bees and Wasp Control Farmington AR other good insects to help your garden flourish.

Step 4 – Plant oregano as a way to repel cucumber, cabbage and other harmful garden beetles. Sage is another beneficial herb that will serve to rid the area of annoying flying insects.

Step 5 – Fresh mint will work to rid your garden of a variety of pests, including ants, fleas and rodents while attracting more beneficial insects such as bees. Though effective, Farmington AR it is important to note that mint grows very quickly and can turn into an issue if not properly tended to. To avoid overgrowth, try placing the mint in containers.

Step 6 – Planting marigolds throughout the garden will work to control various types of soil pests. These are especially helpful with gardens that have tomatoes. Once you’ve hit the end of the growing season, take the dead marigolds and mulch Farmington AR them back into the soil as a way to increase their worth. As with the other suggested plants, marigolds will work to attract beneficial insects.

Step 7 – Everyone loves a little garlic, and you will too! Garlic will serve to rid your garden of snails, flies, aphids, and Japanese beetles. The catnip her will also work to repel these pests in addition to squash bugs, ants and weevils.

Step 8 – Farmington AR Use basil in strategic spots around the garden, such as the center and corners to repel flies and mosquitoes throughout the area.

In addition to these natural tips, you may want to consider hiring an environmentally exterminator to treat your property once or twice a year. A professional pest control specialist can offer tips and pointers to help you address additional issues throughout the home, not addressed here.

Pest Control in Farmington AR 72730

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